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Produce Misting


Did you know that without proper moisture, your vegetables will show noticeable signs of wilting and shrinkage in just a matter of hours?  If your customers don’t see visually appealing produce, it might end up being tossed away, along with your profit!

But, there is a solution to this age-old problem, and without the mess and inconvenience of hand watering.

Misting systems have become the standard in supermarkets around the world for their guarantee of fresher looking produce, longer shelf life, less stocking, higher vitamin/color content and reduced shrinkage - resulting in satisfied customers.  This means increased profits for grocers because produce holds its scale weight.  In addition, misted produce retains colour, texture and higher vitamin content. Misting is your 24/7 employee for keeping produce fresh! 


Our misting systems are flexible and well suited to suit ALL merchandising and case layouts including single-deck, multi-deck and island cases.  UMS will help you determine which system is best suited for your needs.  We will custom design your system to make it right for you, all at an affordable cost.





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